Art practice-based research and the scientist’s mind

I am following my daughter’s blog with personal interest and because her writing is captivating, intriguing and mind boggling. My knowledge of Art in the real term can be categorised as basic. However, I started to question myself after following her blog. What does Art really mean to me? Is it the displays shown in Museums, the contemporary illustration in galleries or the sculpture displays in venues and site around the world?
In my simple world, Art has a deeper meaning. Art is all around me from the time I wake up until the time I fall asleep and even in my dream state. The method I use to comb and style my hair, the materials I use to put on my makeup, the colour and pattern combination of the clothes I wear, even how I cook and serve my meal. The list is endless.
I am a unique piece of Art, the complexity of the design as a human being, from the structural formation to the functional usage of all the combined organs. Everywhere around me is teeming with Art, the vast Universe and its design mysteries, the flora and its marvellous displays of colour, texture and form, the fauna with its variety of shapes, versatility and environment.
I believe that through the mind-eyes, we use nature and universal Art as humans, to recreate a depiction or reflection using imagination and the thought process. The end product can be anything from a painting, craft, ceramics, textile, contemporary displays and designed products.
If this is my understanding of Art, what do I find so disconcerting about contemporary Art? Is it the portrayal or the message? My conclusion is that in any form of Art, our views and beliefs plays a vital part in our understanding and appreciation. If what we see or touch or feel gives meaning, though different to different people, then Art is truly Art.

Canny Maker

My mum told me that with all of this learning that we’re doing, that I should give my busy brain a chance not to think occasionally and let it stew over ideas quietly. Well since coming out of yesterday’s lecture my brain has been stewing more than I would like. Something has bothered me.

The lecture yesterday was the first of a series of shared lectures for all of the different Camberwell MA students. Our own subject leader, Maiko Tsutsumi had the pleasure of opening with a talk on ‘practice based research’ with an intent to set us down the right path as we all get started. It was an interesting lecture, although it felt very much like the tip of a rather large academic iceberg. But something she said really bothered me. A the time I thought it was simply my worry that I don’t yet have much of…

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